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Like most people, I do have aches and pains. For me, they’re mostly located in my lower back and abdomen, which, of course, is one of the hardest areas of your body to get relief.

I’m sure all this sounds familiar to you. If you’re like me and work a desk job, or really any kind of job that requires holding yourself up straight, you’ve probably experienced lower back pain. There are several reasons why this pain exists:

Bad Posture: It’s hard to sit and stand up straight. I’m not even doing it right now; that’s how difficult it is. Most chairs aren’t ergonomically designed to encourage correct posture, and the longer you sit and don’t get up, the more you slouch down in your seat. (I have to admit that, as we speak, I am writing this blog at my kitchen counter). Slouching, naturally, puts stress on your back and abdomen and causes muscles to tense up.

Physical Work and Heavy Lifting: Doing work that our bodies are not used to and lifting objects that are too heavy for your unique level of strength while using an incorrect posture can really do a number on your back. I’m suddenly reminded of all the times I’ve moved and how I shoved and carried furniture and boxes and came away at the end of the day with a lot of pain in my back. And how about the times my spring gardening sessions left me cursing my overenthusiasm for days?

Period Cramps: All my girls know that period cramps are the worst. They hurt, they’re uncomfortable, and they’re all happening right in that lower abdominal and back area. Period cramps, combined with bad posture, is just a recipe for pain and anguish in your poor body.

Using My CA-15S Back & Abdomen Heating Pad

I have become an avid user of Sensede’s CA-15S Back & Abdomen heating pad which is specifically designed to wrap around your lower body. This design helps the heat target the specific area I most needed help with.

I find that there’s nothing I like better after a long, tiring day in my desk chair or dealing with the painful side effects of my period than relaxing with my heating pad. It wraps comfortably around my back and belly, and the fleece material is soft and plush to the touch. The pad comes with 3 different settings, so I can choose which one feels the best. I sometimes even wear it when I am working on my laptop. That’s how nice it feels.

The heating pad comes with a 90-minute timer and a smart overheating sensor. It’s nice to know that, in the unlikely situation I fell asleep with it on (which you should never do), there are safety measures in place to make sure neither myself nor the pad gets too hot.

I love my Sensede heating pad. It works great for all my aches and pains and brings me warmth and comfort after a long day. I highly recommend adding it to your daily unwinding routine.