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Brrr, there’s nothing worse than being cold. The climate where I live is bitterly cold in the winter and early spring. There are times when I’m just tired, cold and want to snuggle on my couch while binging New Amsterdam on Netflix. Aren’t we all that kind of person every once in a while? I am the type of person that needs every extra bit of warmth I can find. But I don’t want to crank up the heat in my house too high, of course; I don’t want a high gas bill, and I like to think I am an environmentally conscious person.

If I need something that can keep me warm, that doesn’t take long to heat up, and that doesn’t require any effort, I just reach my for Sensede heating blanket.

Me and my Sensede Snuggle Blanket

Right out of the gate, you can tell that this blanket is super cosy. It’s made of microfleece that’s deliciously soft to the touch and, as the title suggests, perfectly snuggable. As far as heating goes, the blanket heats up within 30 seconds and surrounds you in a cocoon of warmth. There are 3 levels of heat, so you can choose the one that makes you feel the cosiest. It certainly keeps me feeling warm and happy, to the point where I even forgot about how cold it was outside.

What I appreciate about my Sensede snuggle blanket, in addition to how nice it feels, is its safety settings. It comes with a built-in 180-minute timer so that if you fall asleep and forget to turn it off (not saying I did this, absolutely not), it will automatically shut off. It also comes with a smart overheating sensor so that in the unlikely scenario that something does go wrong, the blanket’s heating element will shut off before it gets too hot.

Sensede’s CB1600S heating blanket provides exactly what I am looking for: gentle, soothing warmth, super-soft materials, and high-quality safety settings. Not only that, but it can be washed, so it is easy for me to keep clean. I can’t wait to turn it on at the end of every cold, hard day and bask in the warmth of my comfy, heated blanket.