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The recent high heating costs are a real pain for many people I know and me. I live in a fairly old apartment, and my heating bills are through the roof. I know of several friends living on a tight budget, and the high heating costs are making it even harder for them to make ends meet.

There are a few ways to keep warm without using your home’s heating system. One way is to wear warm clothing, of course. Another way is to move around a lot. But running around the room while at the same time binging Netflix is not my idea of a relaxed evening.


Keeping warm with the Sensede CK50 XXL

This is where I think heating pads like the Sensede CK50 XXL heating pad can really make a difference. Heating pads can help those facing high heating bills by providing an additional, very targeted source of heat. It keeps you warm while only using 100W of electricity.

Actually, I think heated blankets can provide a level of comfort and warmth that is not possible with a home’s heating system alone. Nothing quite compares to the feeling of the gentle heat radiating across my back, melting away my stress. I love to curl up on the couch with my Sensede heating pad and a Netflix show or good book.

The CK50 has another ace up its sleeve. It has polar fleece on one side and soft microfleece on the other. I personally love the polar fleece – it feels like polar bear! And if it works for a polar bear, it works for me.

I actually gave away a couple of Sensede CK50 XXL heating pads to my friends for Christmas. So I know I made them happy, and I am helping them cope with their heating bills!