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Back & Abdomen Heating Pad


  • Item number: CA15
  • Fabric: Soft Micro-Fleece
  • Warmth levels: 3
  • Rated consumption: 100 W/h
  • Specs: Download PDF
  • Manual: Download PDF
Product info:

Are you regularly feeling cold? Do you need help relaxing painful or tired muscles? The Sensede CA15S heating pad provides warmth, relief and comfort to your back and lower abdomen/belly. The Sensede CA15S is perfectly shaped to provide targeted relief where it is most needed. It will be your best friend when you are feeling cold after a hard day of work, need help relaxing muscles or require targeted pain relief in cramped muscles and stiff joints

The Sensede CA15 has a convenient waistband to secure the heating pad to your back or tummy. The 3-level control unit allows you to set the desired warmth level. The control unit has a soft LED indicator that is pleasant for night-time and bedroom use. The heating pad is designed to warm up quickly. You will feel the warmth within 30 seconds.

This heating pad is a quality product made with the softest fleece material that is pleasant to the skin and can be hand washed at 30°C. For your safety, the product is equipped with a smart overheating sensor and an automatic 90-minute timer.

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