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Back, Neck and Shoulder Heating Pad


Item number: CL85
Fabric: Soft Micro-Fleece
Warmth levels: 3
Rated consumption: 100 W/h
Specs: Download PDF
Manual: Download PDF

Product info:

Do you feel chilly and washed out after a stressful day? Your Sensede CL85 heating pad will then be your best friend. The CL85 was designed to provide snug comfort for the neck, shoulders and upper back.

The heating pad is shaped to fit snuggly around your upper body. Tie the soft belt around your waste. Two snap fasteners will help you comfortably secure the heating pad around your shoulders and neck.

The 3-level control unit allows the desired level of warmth to be set. The control unit has a soft LED indicator that is pleasant for night-time and bedroom use. The heating pad is designed to warm up quickly; after a few moments, you will feel the first warmth.

Your Sensede heating pad is a high-quality product that is very soft and skin-friendly. The fleece material can be hand washed at 30°C. This product is fitted with a smart overheating sensor and an automatic 90-minute timer to ensure your safety.

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