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  • Item number: CU40
  • Fabric: knitted cover
  • Warmth levels: 5
  • Battery capacity: 9000 mAh
  • Retail Price: €129,99
Product info:

Experience true relaxation and warmth with the Sensede Heated Cushion, a revolutionary solution designed to elevate your cozy moments. Say goodbye to cold and chilly discomfort as this Sensede Unplugged keeps you warm wherever you are. Our stylish heating cushion boasts five heat settings that cater to your preferences. From a gentle warmth to relaxing heat, tailor your comfort effortlessly and say goodbye to the cold whenever you please.

Mobility meets endless warmth with the integrated 9000mAh battery, ensuring 3-5 hours of uninterrupted heat on a single charge. Embrace the freedom to relish warmth anywhere, anytime – at home, work, or on your adventures. Escape the confines of cords and revel in the liberty of warmth without boundaries. Each cushion includes a high-quality 2.4A power adapter for swift and efficient charging. Extend the battery life with the included 200cm USB charge cable, or connect your power bank for prolonged warmth.

Recharging your heating cushion is now a breeze with our magnetic charging cable. Effortlessly align the magnets for a secure and stable connection while the battery level indication keeps you informed, ensuring you’re never caught off guard by the chill.

Beyond functionality, style takes center stage with the cushion’s elegant knitted cover. Not only visually striking but also easily washable, the cover ensures lasting freshness, complementing your space with sophistication and warmth.

Indulge in the luxury of warmth without compromise. Sensede Unplugged combines safety, style, and customizable warmth, ensuring your comfort remains uninterrupted wherever life takes you. Immerse yourself in a comfortable warmth at home, the office, or wherever else. Let Sensede transform your world with its embrace of warmth and elegance.

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