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HEPA Air Purifier

  • Item number: ACD-250BC
  • Filter model: IFC100
  • Rated consumption: 35 W/h
  • Size: 570 x 192 x 343 mm
  • Specs: Download PDF
  • Manual: Download PDF
Product info:

Modern life can be taxing on both body and mind. Breathe easy with a Sensede signature-series air purifier by your side – clean air to keep you balanced and healthy.

The ACD-250BC Signature Air Purifier offers a multi-layer HEPA filter system to remove ultrafine pollutants and allergens from the air. It additionally has an integrated air ioniser.

Genuine Sensede replacement filters last up to a year and are highly affordable.

The appliance has excellent noise performance. The sound output is <35 dB when the device is used in sleep mode.


HEPA H13 filter
Air ioniser
Multiple speed settings
Timer and sleep mode
Remote control
2-Years limited warrant

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