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XXL Heating Pad


Item number: CK50
Fabric: Soft Micro-Fleece & Polar Fleece
Warmth levels: 3
Rated consumption: 100 W/h
Specs: Download PDF
Manual: Download PDF

Product info:

Measuring 60x40cm, the Sensede CK50 is a large heating pad guaranteed to keep you extra warm. Thanks to its handy flat shape, you can easily place it on your couch or chair. You can also easily drape it over your back, legs or shoulder area.

The 3-level control unit allows you to set the desired warmth level. The control unit has a soft LED indicator that is pleasant for night-time and bedroom use. The ultrasoft fleece material is gentle on the skin and can be hand-washed when needed. The heating pad is designed to warm up quickly. You will feel the first warmth within 30 seconds. Enjoy its relaxing feel whenever you need a little pick-me-up.

The CK50 is now also available with polar fleece (CK10B-POLAR).

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