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Can we add surviving a global pandemic to our resumé?

You know, just asking for a friend… of a friend.

All jokes aside, I love my job, but this year has been a bit of a rollercoaster for everyone. We have been seeing less of the people who matter and spending more time staring into computer screens trying to hold it all together. Who hasn’t been struggling to drag themselves from Zoom meeting to Zoom meeting?

Along with all this extra screen time in my life (and probably yours, too), I have begun to develop some bad habits. We talk a lot about posture being affected by screen time, but is anyone talking about the way our hands and wrists feel after a day of typing and working our mouse? Yeah, I am guilty of neglecting my hands and wrists.

After spending a day typing and trying to use Twitter as a lifeline, I know that my lower arm and hands have been under some pretty intense strain. Working long hours behind a desk does not really promote blood flow to your wrists and hands, so they deserve some love. I, for one, don’t want to end up with carpal tunnel syndrome.

The Sensede RS100M Ergonomic Mouse Wrist Support

This is what let whizz kids here at Sensede to develop its new series of ergonomic wrist supports. They are designed to give your wrists the correct amount of support during those long hours behind the computer.

But it gets better! This ergonomic wrist support can be plugged directly into my laptop’s USB port, and you want to know why it plugs into the USB port? You guys, this thing is heated.

Ok, this is, of course, great for somebody like me, who always feels cold. I am the kind of person who wears a vest over two sweaters most of the year.

Look, I KNOW! It is such an extra thing. But have you ever rested your wrists on two perfectly toasted buns? No? Well, with the Ergonomic Mouse Wrist Support, I know exactly what that feels like because the warmth my wrists experience is bliss. My wrists are now supported to have less strain. The warmth helps relax my muscles and feels great.

Maybe I’ll TRY unplugging it in August when I am down to a single sweater ?. Even without the heat turned on, it is a great ergonomic wrist support.

See you next time.