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Hi all, hope you’ve been keeping well.

Clean air is essential for so many reasons, not least because so many pollutants and allergens we find in today’s world are too small for the human eye to see. Cleaner air leads to healthier people. And while I’m not saying that air purifiers of any kind are miracle products that will completely cure all ails, I find it easier to sleep at night knowing there aren’t quite as many pollutants floating around in the air of my home than there could be. Not only that, but air purifiers help to keep air circulating around indoor spaces and stop it from becoming stale. This is especially important in the winter when we open windows less because of the cold weather, so the staler indoor air is not disrupted by fresh air from outside like it is in summer when the windows are open more.

Okay Emma, you say, you’ve convinced us that purifiers are worth it, but what makes these ones so great? I hear you, and I’m very glad you’ve asked. Aside from the HEPA filters and the nice design, both Sensede filters I mentioned have integrated air ionisers, various speed settings, built-in timers and sleep mode options, and have remote controls so you can operate them without having to get up off the sofa. They’re quiet too at less than 35 dB when in sleep mode, so their sleep doesn’t disturb yours. On top of all that, the ACD-600FD comes with an awesome smart air quality sensor that checks the air for pollutants, a feature that can also be automated, so you don’t even have to remember to run it. We are living in the future! The ACD-600FD also has automatic and manual speed settings and a fully digital display – just to make it look and feel extra space age.

And the replacement filters that we have last up to a year and are super affordable – and you know how much I like to get my money’s worth. You know, in writing it out here to you, I think I’ve convinced myself to keep a Sensede air purifier around. Sorry, boss, keeping it. Now I just need to make a decision over which one…the ACD-250BC or the ACD-600FD…Hmm…

Until next time,